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My name is Angie Rasheed-Stephens a.k.a "Angie The Life Coach" and I am dedicated to connecting you to your passion to drive you to your purpose. Together we will develop a clear vision for your life and career, and work together to accomplish your dreams.

My passion is to help clients transition from where they are to where they want to be.  I accomplish this by creating a safe place to release the pressures of life, discover purpose and walk into destiny.

Angie Rasheed-Stephens


From 1-on-1 coaching to group sessions, career and personality assessments, my extensive experience in the field has turned countless professionals and entrepreneurs from passionate dreamers to industry rockstars.

Houston, TX

Career Coaching

Plateaued in your current position or looking for a complete career change? Or maybe you struggle with balancing your personal and professional life? I guide people on how to navigate those interpersonal relationships and company politics in the workplace that often feel like the brick wall keeping you from your full potential.

Let’s connect to build your personalized career plan.

Transition & Life Coaching

When you are experiencing major life transitions, stressed, or are unclear about what's next for you, it's time you get to know me. As a Certified Life Coach (LPI Institute), Emotional Intelligence expert, and Birkman consultant, I have helped countless executives and entrepreneurs define their mission and accomplish major life goals.

Career Coaching

What Makes Premier Solutions Unique

LPI Coaching Model©

1  Self-Exploration Process

2  Overcoming Blocks and Obstacles to Success

3  Making & Sustaining Change

4  Changing Habits and Patterns

5  Mastering Skills to Transition to New Life

Coaching & Supporting

  Personalized Coaching Sessions

2  Facilitating Proven Techniques That Get Results

3  Empowering Clients To Create A Life They Love

4  Redesigning Life, Career and Lifestyle

5  Using Powerful Tools To Discover New Possibilities

Transform Your Life Today

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